Step 1: Buyer orders a mTaskBuyer orders service and also can order optional extra from seller. Buyer checkout through PayPal and the payment is held by the admin. After successful payment, Buyer will be redirected to the order detail page.Order status is ACTIVE. Invoice is automatically created once you checkoutThe order status is “ACTIVE” in the order detail page after successful payment*Note: Besides PayPal, buyer can check out via Stripe, or use Credit.Step 2: Admin keeps the moneyThe admin will keep the payment from buyer when the order is in progress. After the job is finished, admin will keep a portion as commission fee and send the rest to Seller.Step 2: Seller starts to work on the orderTime countdown begins to count down when Perce presses “Start” button. See the image below:Seller clicks on “Start” button to start working the order.In Seller revenue report, the fund is added to the “Working” column.Step 3: Seller delivers the mJobWhen finishing the order, Seller clicks on “Deliver” button to deliver the mTask. A pop-up appears for him to write the description and attach file.Once seller delivers the mTask to Buyer, the order status will be switched to DELIVERED. Buyer chooses “Accept” if he is satisfied with this mTask Buyer can also rate and review for seller.By accepting the delivery, buyer makes this order be marked as FINISHED.At this step, the fund in “Working” amount is moved to “Available” one in seller revenue report.The money in Available column is the amount totally belonging to the seller and he has the right to withdraw it. Also, both the seller and buyer can visit the mTask detail page to view changelogs of that mTask: In case of Dispute (can dispute before or after order is delivered)For some reasons, Brandon or Perce is not satisfied with this mJob, he can press “Dispute” button whether before or after the order is delivered.This order status will be switched to DISPUTING.In this case, admin plays the roles as a judge to make the final decision. Thus, the admin has the right to access all information related to the order, including Changelog, Messages in the direct chat box, and Attached Files (if any) to decide to either make the refund for buyer or send money to seller.Once a mTask is activated, the admin always keeps the commission.After the dispute is solved, the order status is switched to RESOLVED and this order is completed.WithdrawPlease note that when buyer orders a mTask, money is directly transferred to admin account. And when seller starts working the mTask, this money will be converted to credit (virtual) in the system. As you can see below, there are two columns in the seller’s revenue, including “Working”, “Available”, and “Pending”. The “Working” column displays money of all mTask you are working. After the mTask is finished, credits from “Working” column is moved to “Available” one and seller has to make a withdrawal request to get cash.Remember that he/she can only withdraw money in Available column and withdrawn amount must meet the minimum amount required by admin.After accepting this request, admin manually transfers money to the user via bank account or seller’s PayPal account.You can add your bank account details through your dashboard: